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        AZUMI Machinery(Beijing) Co.,Ltd

        AZUMI Machinery was established in 2004 and is a national high-tech enterprise. The company is committed to produce the world's most advanced building materials equipment and its processing technology. AZUMI Mainly produces and sells flooring and wallboard processing equipment. The process of parts procurement, assembly, commissioning, quality control and on-site management are strictly implemented in accordance with Japanese standards.

        As a leading enterprise in building materials processing technology in China, AZUMI has been widely recognized by customers in the industry for its high precision, high speed and high stability of equipment. Our single-mindedness and professionalism represent the essence of brand values.

        AZUMI Machinery(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd



        Core component

        Imported with original packaging from Japan


        Quality control/Management standardization

        The quality of equipment

        Same level as imports

        Beijing/liyang two after-sales service center

        Serve customers in the south and the north

        Because of the specificty,so professional,this also represents the essence of our brand values.

        Beijing/liyang two after-sales service center,serve customers in the south and the north

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        As a leading company in the Chinese market for building materials processing technology, the AZUMI brand of AZUMI corporation is widely recognized by industry customers for its high precision,high speed and high stability.